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02 Oct 2015 
The Lords of Karma, likewise called the Fantastic Karmic Board are 8 ascended masters which are designated to aid settle mankind's karma in the most effective and caring way. These 8 beings are mediators in between the excellence of the regulation and the imperfection of the human condition.
The Lords of Karma adjudicate the patterns of individual karma, group karma, national karma and also world karma. They daily consider the balance of mankind's usage of energy as it affects the spiritual ecosystem of the world within the solar system and the galaxy. These wonderful beings consistently apply the regulation in such a way that will certainly provide people the ideal possibility for spiritual progression. When spirals of unfavorable karma can no longer be held back and must be released into the earth as a balancing activity, the ascended master Cuzco and also his team of researchers do all they could to mitigate the severity of tragedy. If humanity will certainly summon the violet fire in adequate procedure, that karma and its harmful result could be transmuted in large measure before it strikes the physical aircraft, reducing the potential destruction.
The Karmic Board is made up of the Great Divine Director, that brings his momentum of magnificent instructions to the team, as well as that holds within his causal physical body the magnificent plan of every spirit designated to planet. We also discover the Goddess of Freedom, champion of the oppressed; Nada, the excellent Keeper of the Fire of Life; Pallas Athena, Goddess of Reality; Portia, Siren of Justice; Kuan Yin, Siren of Forgiveness as well as the Elohim Cyclopea, that focuses the activity of the all-seeing eye of God. In recent years, Vairochana, spokesperson for the 5 Dhyani buddhas also signed up with the Karmic Board, lending the wonderful momentum of light of these five celestial buddhas, in addition to their medicines to the 5 poisons.
The Karmic Board ministers to each soul, in participation with the heart's very own Mighty I AM Presence and also Holy Christ Self, establishing when, where as well as in exactly what household a soul shall symbolize. All souls pass prior to the karmic board before and also after each version on planet. Prior to entering embodiment once more, they are provided the life objective that will be theirs to achieve, in addition to a review of the karmic allotment from previous life times that they will certainly have to stabilize in the new life. After the change called death, spirits pass before the karmic board again for a life testimonial, which was so well described by near-death survivor Dannion Brinkley in his publication, Saved By the Light as well as in the meeting quoted listed below:
When you decrease that passage to an intense and lovely light, you're satisfied by a Spirit Being. After the passage, you lift from your physical body and understand that you are a power being. Most of us believe we're such inadequate, pathetic, little people attempting to have a mystical experience &mdash;-- when actually we're fantastic, outstanding, powerful souls aiming to have a human encounter. You involve a location where you see your whole life pass prior to you in a 360-degree view. You miss nothing. You enjoy your birth. You see your life from a second-person point of view. You essentially come to be every individual that you've ever encountered, as well as you feel the direct outcomes of your interaction between yourself and that individual.
You have an opportunity to eliminate on your own. You review your life as if you were the individual that you were impacting with your habits. I needed to really feel the pain that I brought upon on others as well as the harm that I would certainly done, both physically, emotionally, and also emotionally. But shame has nothing to do with it." Do unto others as you would certainly have others do unto you" considering that you actually are them.
The karmic board identifies when a heart has balanced sufficient karma and completely satisfied their dharma (spiritual labor) to make the ascension in the light. The karmic board is additionally entailed when a heart has actually produced a lot unfavorable karma, life time after lifetime, in rebellion against God that it need to be tried before the Court of the Spiritual Fire on Sirius and also eaten by the Adage light. This occasion, understood as the 2nd fatality, though tragic, is in fact an excellent forgiveness of the regulation for the soul who is no much longer able or ready to stabilize its karma.
In Old Egypt, this whole procedure before the Lords of Karma was connected with the Siren Ma'at, a Divine Mother number whose name essentially suggested fact in Egyptian.
The Egyptians thought that the universe was a purchased as well as rational place, that worked with predictability, and also consistency and also regularity of patterns. In the ethical round. Both ethically and physically, the cosmos remained in perfect balance since purity was awarded as well as sin was punished. As a result of Ma'at, the Egyptians understood that everything in the universe dealt with a pattern, which the Greeks later on called logo designs. Ma'at was truth, order, balance, consistency, information clash of lords 2 hack and also justice personified. She represented all points right as they should be. The Egyptians believed that if Ma'at really did not already existing, deep space would end up being chaos, once again.
Ma'at was likewise the judge of the Egyptian underworld. Spirits of the deceased had to go through the Halls of Ma'at where they faced a tribunal of Gods. The departed person's heart was positioned on a scale opposite the Feather of Ma'at. Thoth (Hermes) weighed the heart. If the deceased was discovered to not have maintained Ma'at throughout his life by lying, cheating, eliminating or in some method oversteping the principles of Ma'at, his heart was devoured and also he passed away the last fatality. If the heart was cost-free from the impurities of sin, it was light as the plume of Ma'at, as well as the departed heart was permitted to go on the immortality.
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